Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekly Update 9/30/11 by Gina K., Katherine F., Mick S., Lauren T., & Morgan W.

"Hi, Mom!  We're on the blog!"
Left to right:  Katherine, Lauren, Gina/Morgan, Mick

In Spanish, Lauren took pictures of us playing a number game and Tortilla-Burrito-Taco!

Below are zoo logos created by  Seven Super Sigma Artists! 
By Mili M.
By Kate A.
By Elton M.
By Lauren T.
By Josh M.
By Jake S.
By Samson M.

These are videos of us singing chants in Chinese.  We made up the hand gestures.

Sammy & Kate

Morgan & Mili

Elton, Nicholas, & Shane

Morgan making the Chinese character for the" moon"/"month."

Kate making characters for "moon" and "heart."

David making the Chinese character for "big" (after he hurt his leg in PE) :(

We created these masterpieces out of only recyclables in social studies to represent 7 important monuments of the world:  The Taj Majal, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, 
The Colosseum, The Parthenon, 
The Great Wall of China, Chartres Cathedral, and The Great Pyramid of Giza.  
Can you recognize them?

Period 3/4 above
Period 7/8 below

We went to the LMC to check out books and to learn about
 using different search engines for researching on the internet.
Jake and Kevin practicing their Googledocs skills.

Mr. Juskiewicz helped us learn about and practice using googledocs and logging onto the server.
He also helped us sign up for our Edmodo accounts.

Math Absolute Value Videos

Andrew, Shane and David

Lauren and Katherine

Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Update 9/23/11 by CC K., Josh M., Stephen M., and Elton M.

Sigma Team Blog Writers for this week!
Clockwise from upper left:  Josh,  Elton, CC, Stephen 

Mrs. Rabbat and Mr. Hillmer talking to us about achieving our goals.

Mr. Kaye rode his unicycle before the assembly!

In Advisory Matt Wilhelm showed off his wicked BMX bike stunts
and taught us about finding your talent and dealing with bullies.
Here Mili was chosen to try a stunt. 

In art, we made zoo logos using Adobe Fireworks.
Here Mr. Damico is demonstrating tools using Kevin's crazy monkey as an example.
In literature we presented our reader's workshop slideshows and movies.

In science we measured light intensity all over the building.

In social studies we are building important monuments from all over the world,
using only recyclables.  Later in the year we will be the class experts on the monument and culture we studied.

Here our groups are brainstorming and talking about problems in the
community of Arlington Heights so we can help solve them.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Our Weekly Update 9/16/11

Our bloggers for this week:  Sammy, Hannah, Kate, and Jasmine!
Mrs. Lussem helping Josh and Jake research
the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for our monument project.
David R., Andrew, and Shane are making a literature presentation to teach the class
about nonfiction for our Reader's Workshop.
Josh making an alligator logo in art.

More logo painting in art class.

Mr. Damico talking to Stephen about his zoo logo.
During Sigma Project time Mr. Morse from the computer lab
taught us how to use laptops easily without the mouse.
Eddie and Kevin showing Mick's family crest for artifact sharing in Social Studies.
Our Sigma light models that we made in science class
to learn the four things we need to see an object.
Andrew demonstrating how to find someone's blind spot.
Other things we did this week:
1.  We learned about words containing the roots geo and terra that connect to our social studies key terms.  
2.  We wrote and shared about a place that was special to us and a time we lost something to practice focus and showing in our writing.  
3.  We are teaching each other about literary genres and the parts of a story by making Keynote presentations, wordles, and iMovies to share with the class.
4.  Our social studies monument project research is almost done.  Next week we will start building our monuments!
5. In math we started to look at the coordinate graphing and how to crawl before climbing or repelling.
6. Lights out!  We learned the parts of the eye and about our optic nerves and are also researching on what types of people are the right kind for glasses, contacts and LASIK surgery.